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“Who knew being this thoughtful was so easy”
– Michael H
“It's been a huge success with all of our parents”
– Leslie G

No need to organize

We'll sort through your photos for you and magically find the cutest ones.

There's nothing special you have to do.


No need to remember

We'll send the cutest pictures on postcards to your family every other week, like clockwork. You don't have to remember to do a thing.

It's one less thing on your to-do list… forever.


No need to upload

We'll pull your photos from Facebook. You don't have to upload pictures twice.

Don't post to Facebook? Don't worry, we've got you covered too.


Completely secure

This is not a photo-sharing site. Nothing will ever show up in Google.

Only Grandma can see your photos.

Sign up in three minutes for a year-full of smiles. Share your memories with Grandma!
give grandma
what she really wants
Ramona T
from Champaign, IL
My in-laws don't use Facebook so this is a great way to share pictures with them. I don't have to do any more work than I am already doing... I appreciated how much they care about their product.
Shamsi I
from Redmond, WA
Though I take a lot of pictures of my kids, I upload only a fraction on facebook and never print them myself. Awwstamp somehow manages to automatically choose my favorite pictures from facebook. The quality of the pictures were so good that I even put one in a frame.

Michael H
from Minneapolis, MN
Awwstamp is awwsome!! Who knew being this thoughtful was so easy. With little effort on our part, and a little help from awwstamp our parents get to see Nora grow up even while living in other states. Awwmazing.
Evan J
from Seattle, WA
If you don't like talking to your parents then don't sign them up for Awwstamp because *every* single time they've received a postcard, they've immediately called me to tell me how much they love it.

Leslie G
from Decatur, GA
The postcards have been a huge success with all of our parents. My father is not tech-savvy so it is hard to keep him up-to-date on pictures of our kids. My mother-in-law loves to have a steady stream of pictures to bring into work.

It's nice to have something special for them ongoing that is so easy for me!
Runi P
from Atlanta, GA
I was hesitant to sign up at first because I don't post a lot of pictures and I was worried about privacy. That turned out to be a non issue; and if I haven't posted anything in a while, I just email in a picture.

Awwstamp has turned out to be great for my family!
Join happy, thoughtful parents across the country. Make Grandma smile!
pictures of her grandkids

Every other week, we'll magically organize all the photos you post to Facebook, to find the best pictures of your kids.

Yes, we'll quietly ignore that picture of you at the holiday party.

We'll even figure out which one will look the best on her fridge.

Don't worry: we'll send you a preview.

We'll print the final picture on a beautiful, full-color postcard, and mail it to Grandma.

With a stamp and everything!

Two weeks later, we do it all again. Like clockwork.

You never have to do a thing.
Sign up in three minutes for a year-full of smiles. Share your memories with Grandma!
(these are all actual postcards we've sent on behalf of our customers)
Does this work, really? How do you do this?
Magic. No really.
How frequently do you mail out postcards?
Twice a month. Which is basically like 'every other week', except some months are oddly shaped.
What if I don't take any pictures for two weeks?
We'll send you an email, and ask you if there's another picture you'd like us to use — perhaps one on your phone, or on your computer.

If we don't hear from you, and can't find an older picture that your loved ones will like, we'll skip that round.
Can I trust you with pictures of my children?
Yes! We hate shady people as well — after all, we're dads and uncles too.

We've been extra careful and have built in every safeguard and best practice we've learned from working for years at places like Expedia and Amazon.

We only ever has access to the photos that are already on Facebook, and you can turn off our access whenever you like. We'll even show you how.
Who are you guys?
My name's Ankur. I used to work at Amazon. Now I try to make the lives of busy parents less stressful.
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Give Grandma what she really wants. Pictures of her grandkids, year-round!